Durability and Longevity

Corinthian™ Countertops provide durability and beauty by using only the finest quality raw materials. Full ½” thickness, 100% Acrylic top, provides better coverage and protection. Corinthian™ Countertops are non-porous and easy to clean, which makes for a stain resistant top that is food prep safe. Not only is a Corinthian™ Countertop sturdy and dependable, but it is also renewable and repairable. If that isn't enough, we stand by our product with a 15 year Corinthian™ warranty.


Installation fees can determine the way you customize and design your countertops, but at Midwest Countertops you get to 'Do-It-Yourself' which won't put any restraints on your design. There is no need for a carpenter, just follow our installation instructions or watch our installation video and your new countertops can be installed with ease.