Measuring Your Countertop

We have supplied some common shapes and configurations please use them as a guide to help you layout the dimensions of your kitchen and bath countertops. Whether you are replacing old countertops or starting with new cabinets and countertops, a complete layout will be needed to place your order.

Measuring Tips:

When measuring your existing countertops, cabinet dimensions are not always necessary, but to ensure order accuracy, it is a good idea to provide cabinet measurements. Before ordering, be sure to specify which measurements you have brought in.

Standard countertops usually overhang the front edge of cabinets by 1-1/4" to 1-1/2". Our countertops are manufactured to give a 1-5/16" front overhang to standard 24" kitchen and 18" to 21" vanity cabinets. Keep in mind that this may be different on your existing countertops.

Always measure "outside" dimensions (this means from one back corner of a cabinet to the other back corner). Being consistent when measuring all sections helps to reduce any confusion when the pieces are ordered. Corner cabinets set at an angle present one of the only situations where an "inside" measurement may be necessary.

Specify any appliance locations

Specific appliance locations and exposed countertops end(s), be sure proper end treatments are ordered. When supplying sink cut dimensions, always measure from the right most corner of the countertop piece or cabinet run, that the hole will be cut in.

Anatomy of a Countertop

Here is a brief look at the parts that make up the typical countertop. Modern manufacturing techniques make it possible to build the highest quality Solid Surface in the industry.

Bevel - Solid Surface
Bevel edge
Ogee - Solid Surface
Ogee edge
Roundover - Solid Surface
Roundover edge
Double Roundover - Solid Surface
Double Roundover edge

Common Layouts

Here are a few of the most common layouts:

Straight layout
Standard L Shape
L-Shaped layout
Standard U Shape
U-Shaped layout
  • Allow for overhang on any exposed end. (Refer to our overhang recommendations).
  • Solid Surface countertops are fabricated to minimize or eliminate seams.
  • If you are making dimension changes from existing countertops to new countertops, be sure to consider space needed to accommodate any extra length or width added.
  • When ordering a U shaped countertop to fit between walls please be sure to allow room to slide the countertop in place, typically 1/4".

Standard Countertop Specifications:

Kitchen Countertops - Our 25-5/16" deep countertops fit on standard 24" deep kitchen cabinets. An optional loose backsplash is available and comes at a standard 3" height.

Kitchen Island / Peninsulas - 27" and 36" deep islands can be used on standard 24" deep kitchen cabinets as a double-sided workspace or a snack bar.

Bar Top - 15" and 18" deep island / peninsula tops fit on half walls or elevated wall cabinets.

Vanity Countertops - 19-5/16" and 22-5/16" deep countertops fit on 18" and 21" deep standard vanities.