Special Order Lookup

To track Special Orders you placed at any Menards Stores, simply type in the 12 digit Special Order Number on your Special Order Contract. You will be able to track your order status in seconds.
Note: Please allow 30 minutes after placing your order to check its status. Quoted items may require up to 24 hours before order status is available.

Enter in the order number located at the top right hand corner of your special order contract. Your order number is made up of 4 letters followed by 8 numbers.


Special Order Number:
* The Estimated Delivery Date shown is an estimated date that your special order will be received at the store.
Please do not use the Estimated Delivery Date to schedule pick-up or installation of your special order until your order status is "Received at Store".

Any other questions or concerns about your Special Order? Feel free to contact Midwest Countertops at guestservice@countertopsinc.com