Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains questions that guests frequently have about their countertop purchase. Please check this page to see if your question is answered here before contacting our office.

General Questions
How long does a countertop take to make once it is ordered?

From delivery, a store lead time average is roughly 14 days on common edge styles and colors.

What happens if I order the wrong size countertop?

It is important that you double-check your specifications. We recommend, if possible, you order your countertops after your new cabinets are installed. Changing or canceling after your order has been placed may be difficult.

How can you tell if a countertop is installed correctly?

A countertop is installed correctly when:

  • The seams or miters are even (run your fingers over the seam), have been glued together with waterproof wood glue, bolted together and are aligned front to back
  • There is the same amount of overhang off the entire front edge of your cabinets.
  • The backsplash has been sanded to the contours of your walls, so that a large bead of caulk will not be needed.
  • The countertop is level on the cabinets and build up strips were placed on top of the cabinets to bring the countertop to correct height (if the edge of the top interferes with the drawers on your cabinets opening, build-up strips were not used).
When is it a good time to get new countertops or replace my existing countertops?

Really, anytime is the right time. Colors and styles change frequently and changing countertops is a quick and inexpensive way to increase the value of your kitchen.

Wear spots, scratches, warping, and delamination may also determine the need for replacement countertops.

How do you look up a color to determine the manufacturer and color number?

Located on either the front or back of the sample chip is the name, number, and manufacturer. (The sample chip racks are located at each Menards store in the kitchen displays).

Where can I order custom countertops?

You can create countertops and quotes in Visual Design.

What are some common measurement mistakes that customers bring in and what is the correct way to measure your countertop?

Refer to Measuring Guidelines in the Design, Measure, and Install brochure.

Why should I get an installation kit with my countertop order?

Installation Kits benefit a guest in the following ways:

  • Assures that all materials needed for installation are with the countertop at the jobsite.
  • Guest does not need to figure footages to determine how much caulk, how many build up strips, etc...
  • All components, if purchased, separately would cost considerably more.
  • Color matched caulk and laminate repairer is specific to the guest's color.
CustomCraft™ Laminate
How should laminate countertops be stored prior to installation?

Whenever possible countertops should be stored horizontally and as flat as possible. Try to keep them in a warm dry area and after dry fitting the pieces (fitting together and inspecting), put the pieces back in their protective packaging until installation. Let the pieces of countertop acclimate to room temperature before installation.

Can laminate countertop be used as a cutting board or have hot utensils laid on them?

While contemporary laminates do have durable finishes, you should not cut directly on their surface or lay any utensils warmer than approximately 250° Fahrenheit on your countertops.

Can a sink be too close to a seam in a laminate countertop?

Water is the natural enemy of particle board. However if your seams are correctly sealed, placing a sink a few inches from a seam should not present a problem.

Are build-up strips necessary for installation in every instance?

Yes. Our countertops are 3/4" thick with a 3/4" build-down front edge. If you were not to use build-up strips, your front edge would hang down over your cabinet drawers or doors. Build-up strips also provide support for your tops as well as attachment points from cabinets to tops.

If my walls are out of square, do I need my countertops to be cut out of square as well?

If your walls are 1/2" or less out of square, simply sanding the scribe or back of the countertop to the contour of your walls will provide a snug fit. If 1/2" scribe sanding is not enough, it may be necessary for you to use loose, set on backsplash to cover the gap between the back of the tops and the wall.

Is it better to have build up strips placed front to back on the cabinets or parallel to the back and face frame?

We recommend placing build up strips every 24" front to back as it adds more stability to the center of the countertop. This is important when using 36" deep island depths.

Is my countertop waterproof?

If installed properly, your countertop will resist water. Be sure to use waterproof wood glue at all miters and seams. You can also apply a coat of polyurethane to the board around dishwashers to keep moisture off the board.

Can a traditional or CTI corner support a corner sink?

While we do not recommend cutting through miters or areas where seams are bolted together for a sink, it is possible if the area below the miters is completely solid with 3/4" material. Cut the ¾” particleboard or plywood to fit the shape of the diagonal front extending 48" from each corner. Attach the material with waterproof wood glue, secure with 1¼” wood screws to hold in place until the glue has dried. After all pieces have dried then cut the sinkhole in the proper place.

Can custom islands be field-jointed or seamed?

The largest field-joint we can make is 53" wide. Islands wider than that do not lend themselves well to a seam that must match its entire length.

What makes a CustomCraft Countertop better than its competitors and what materials are used?

We know from experience what it takes to make kitchen and bath countertops to fit your lifestyle. Durability and beauty are built into each countertop using only the finest quality materials: Sturdy 3/4", 45 lb., industrial-grade particle board is used as the foundation of all of our countertops. We then use a water-based, environmentally friendly adhesive to permanently bond laminate to particle board. Our laminates are .040" thick, post-formable grade. All of the components used in producing CustomCraft Countertops meet or exceed every industry standard in laminate countertop manufacturing.

Not only is quality a main concern of ours, but getting your countertop to you on time and getting it correctly designed is foremost important to us. Using industry standard or above materials and production techniques, we supply Menards home improvement stores with hundred's of countertops for satisfied guests every day.

Corinthian™ Solid Surface
What is Do It Yourself Solid Surface?

Corinthian™ is the first solid surface material that the guest can install themselves. Typically in the past solid surface installation required a licensed installer, Corinthian™ solid surface can be installed by the guest. We fabricate the tops and the guest installs.

What is a Seam?

Seams are joints in the countertop design that are assembled in the field without using seaming compound. Seams are used when a guests' kitchen is too large to fabricate in one continuous piece. A seam is easy to assemble and hard to locate when complete.

Can I Repair or Sand my Countertop?

Corinthian™ solid surface is renewable and repairable surface. Minor scratches and finish differences can be sanded or repaired using specific grit sanding paper. It is important to remember to use care when sanding, if improper grit is used the area sanded will have a noticeable finish difference. Please review the care and maintenance guide.

Can I Cut or Place Hot Pots on Countertop?

It is not recommended that you cut directly on or place hot pans directly on Corinthian™ solid surface. Each order we send has a trivet supplied that is to be used for cutting or placing hot pans to preserve the surface of your tops.

Why is Corinthian™ better than Competitors?

Corinthian™ uses ½” thick 100% acrylic solid surface material. Giving your guest a renewable surface that they can install at an inexpensive price.

What are my limits on dimension sizes?

Fabrication is not limited to certain sizes however due to shipping and handling we will limit the size of one piece design. Each kitchen is different so we will review your design and determine where to seam your tops.

Will my Countertop Warp?

Corinthian™ is an acrylic material and not subject to changes in humidity as other wood products. Please remember that it must acclimate to the proper room temperature before installing, minor expansion and contraction due to heat changes make it appear to be warping. If your tops appears to be uneven, place on the cabinets overnight. Then following the installation instructions to secure to the cabinets, some weight or screws may be required to completely level with cabinets. Once the caulk sets up the tops will no longer move.

Why is Solid Surface better than Laminate?

Corinthian™ solid surface is a renewable and repairable surface unlike laminate. Minor scratches can be repaired to restore your tops. With minimal upkeep your tops will look like new for as long as you own them.

RiverStone Quartz™
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